Why Should You Applying for a job when you don’t meet Requirements


To Applying for a job when you don’t meet Requirements, or not to apply? That is the question

One thing that you should think about before answering this question is: “Do you really need this job if you meet all the requirements from the job description?”

While job hunting, you often see the job openings for which you may look underqualified. In most cases, you should apply for such jobs, and below you will find 2 main reasons why.

  1. Some job requirements are “Bonus” or “Nice to have”

While creating a job description a recruiter does not always fully understand all the processes in the company and may simply not correctly describe the requirements. This will become clear only in an interview with your potential colleague or manager.
Another point: some requirements may not be necessary currently but are written for the future, following the company’s growth plans, and you will need them in your work only after some time. So why not to learn in the process and improve your skills with the growth of the company?

  1. Soft skills are critical

Remember that many companies hire for culture fit, not just for hard skills.  Companies across all over the world say that applicants with strong soft skills such as the ability to communicate clearly, solve problems, be a team player, and take the initiative, are in short supply.

“With the rise of AI/automation changing the job market, 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that candidates with strong soft skills are increasingly important. In fact, it could make or break of hiring the perfect candidate as 89% feel that “bad hires” typically have poor soft skills.”

  • LinkedIn 2019 Global Talent Trends Report
  • Your soft or transferable skills are those you have to highlight.
  • Understand that there is no perfect candidate!The only difference is that someone is ready to try, are you?

Always leave yourself a space to grow. Of course, it is much more comfortable to do the obvious job, without any stress and uncertainty. But if you only apply for jobs where you fit the description exactly, your growth and way to the top will be so long.

Your main question has to be “Could I do this job? Have I enough desire to go through difficulties and grow in this company?”And if the answer is “Yes!” – you should apply!

But there is another problem – many companies, especially big and international, use software which will reject your resume before any company employee reviews it. To pass through this stage of selection, you should rewrite your resume for each new job opening, showing your knowledge and experience in the right way. Use the keywords from the job description to do so.

Fear of sending CV when there is no 100% match of your skills and requirements is often associated with impostor syndrome. But imposter syndrome is typically a farce. Nobody is perfect, and you should now be.

You only need to be fair answering the main question: “Could I do this job?”. If your honest answer will be positive, just focus on your strengths and what you may offer versus skills gaps, and go ahead! Applying for a job when you don’t meet Requirements

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