What Career Is Right For Me? | How To Find the Right Answer


At least once everyone asked himself what career is right for me? which direction to move and what career to choose?. Such questions will become more common in the future. Everyone tries to find themselves but almost no one understands how to do that.

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” The problem is that nobody says how to find it! Should we rely only on our dreams? Should we choose something trendy? Let’s find an answer together.

One of the effective tools is to find the answer at the intersection of three spheres:

  1. What do you want to do?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What are people willing to pay you for?

So, you need to answer these three questions. It will take some time, in one night you will not understand exactly what to do. Probably, you just don’t have the right amount of information to make the decision and your brain needs time to process such complex issues.

What Career Is Right For Me?

What Career Is Right For Me

Question №1: “What do I want to do?”What do I want to do

Only you know the answer to this question, it should be a result of the analysis of your needs and preferences. The following exercises will help you to answer this question.

100 wishes

Schedule 2 hours and write down at least 100 of your wishes. In the beginning, it will seem impossible to you, but you can do it. The first 10-15 desires will come to your mind easily, it will be something you often think about. The next 10 will be more difficult, will push you to remember your desires. The next 10 or even 20 points will be humorously hysterical. But then the most interesting thing will begin – you will clear the brain and will be able to get your true desires.

Perfect day

Imagine your perfect day in detail. What time do you wake up? What do you do after waking up? Are you going to the office? How do you get there? What does your workplace look like? What do you do when you come to work? Who are your colleagues? etc.

Walking through your perfect day and answering all the questions, you will discard not suitable options and also understand what seems more desirable to you: office work or freelance, a large company or a small startup, etc.

It is also useful to consider what would you enjoy if you do not have to work for money.

Select that points which are repeated and analyze this list. By doing those exercises you will better understand what do you really want.

Question №2: ” What am I good at?”

What am I good at

You can’t handle this issue on your own. You’ll have to connect your friends and colleges to get an honest picture.

Inventory of own experience

You should list all projects, initiatives, companies, courses, internships, clubs, and sections you have studied or worked throughout your conscious life. Your task is to prepare a complete CV of your professional activity starting from school. Gathering all the experience in one place you can make unexpected discoveries. After all, we tend to forget a lot if we do not need it here and now.


Gather anonymous feedback from those who know you as a professional. The simplest format is a Google form with three questions:

  1. What do you think I’m doing well? What are my strengths?
  2. What question would you ask me for advice? How can I be useful to you?
  3. What development zones do you see for me? What do I need to change, what to learn?

Send this form to people whose answers are important to you.

In the same way as after the exercises to realize your desires, here you also need to analyze the results and make a list of your skills and abilities. This list is your answer to the second question.

Question №3: “What does the market need?” or “What are people willing to pay me for?”

What are people willing to pay me for

When we talk about your right career, we mean a job that provides not only fun but also a level of income that fully covers your needs. Otherwise, it will be difficult to feel satisfied, it will be just a hobby. At this stage, you need to discover opportunities in the market. Here are some points to help.

Analytics and research

The future of the labor market is a question of the hour. Global consulting companies and the best minds analyze and write many articles and notes on employment. So read all about the topic – salary reviews conducted by job portals and analytical media, research on future skills, etc.

Consultations of career experts

You cannot know all areas and specifics of each industry. However, there are people for whom this is a job – career counselors. Choose the niches that interest you and find those who will tell you about the opportunities and requirements of the industry over a cup of coffee.

informational interviews

To better understand how companies work, their internal culture, information interviews are well suited. An informational interview is an informal conversation you can have
with someone working in an area of interest to you. It is an effective research tool and is best done after preliminary online research.

Answering question №3 you clarify the opportunities in the market.

Now gather the answers to all the questions and find the intersection – see which your desires are supported by skills and are in demand in the market. Most likely, insights will come to you already in the process but do not ignore the stage of analysis. It is needed to finalize your answer to the question ‘What Career Is Right For Me?’.

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