The opportunity to attend a conference in Canada

The opportunity to attend a conference in Canada


XXII World Congress.
The country available for submission

Most countries of the world are available for submission and most are from developing countries
Educational level

This scholarship is available to all persons for students and graduates from BA, MA and Ph.D. as well as diplomas

This opportunity does not have a maximum age and does not require an English language certificate and all disciplines are accepted.
Duration of the conference

From 4 to 7 October 2020
For four days
The last date for the grant

April 15, 2020
The number of people who will be admitted

More than 6000 people

Free flight tickets back and forth from your country to Canada and vice versa

Stayed in the hotel for four days.

Daily salary for four days

You are charged for conference registration fees

Surprisingly, you can choose the travel costs you want and the daily salary you want through this file from here
Conference topics

The conference talks about public health and how it helps in spreading awareness among people to reduce disease spread
The required papers for the program

Curriculum Vitae

Proof of enrollment from the university (if you are a university student). It is possible to apply without it if it is not with you

Letters of recommendation

Travel cost file.

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