Fully funded World Bank grant

Fully funded World Bank grant
The country in which you will study

Europe, America or Japan
Countries available for application

All countries, especially developing countries
Educational level

The last date for submission

April 30, 2020

Air tickets at the rate of $ 500

Full study fees are available free of charge.

It provides a monthly salary and it depends on the country in which you will study.

Provides accommodation, meals and international medical insurance.
Available majors and universities

More than 10 universities and 30 majors are available to see them from here

This scholarship does not require a language certificate and there is no age limit
The required paperwork


The original transcript and translator in English or French

Any paper proving that you worked for a period in one of the works
How to apply

Apply online and without any application fee from the scholarship

You can apply yourself on this opportunity by following the video explanation .. Or we offer you professionally .. and a link to contact us to apply through us .. located in the description box below the video

Apply now
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